Pain Medications for Children

By Manuel Allergy Center | December 18, 2017

Stong pain medication is not necessary for treating children with minor pain conditions, according to recent research. The study found that ibuprofen was as effective as morphine ( a strong pain medication) for treating children after minor orthopedic surgery. This report is reassuring for the treating physicians who worry about the chance of overuse of […]

Thyroxine and Mortality

By Manuel Allergy Center | December 9, 2017

High-fat versus High-carb Diets

By Manuel Allergy Center | December 8, 2017

High-fat versus High-Carb Diets Traditional guidelines restricting fats, total fat, as well as saturated fats, are falling out of favor according to recently published reports. The study, reported on the website of The Lancet finds that higher consumption of total, saturated, monosaturated, and polyunsaturated fats were associated with lower risk for death from heart-related or […]

Breo once a day for asthma

By Manuel Allergy Center | December 7, 2017

A recent study from the United Kingdom suggests that a once-daily use of Breo (combination of inhaled corticosteroid and long-acting bronchodilator) significantly improved asthma control. The addition of Breo is especially useful for those patients whose symptoms are not controlled by inhaled steroids alone. The study was reported in The Lancet.

Cedar Allergy

By Manuel Allergy Center | December 2, 2017

Allergy symptoms due to pollen are not common in winter. However, cedar tree pollinates in Winter. Cedar pollen allergy can induce sneezing, wheezing, and triggering of an asthma attack. Cedar trees grow in abundance in the Southern United States is a predominant source of allergy in December.”The pollen appears copiously from late fall to late […]

Obesity Prevention in Children

By Manuel Allergy Center | September 13, 2017

  Obesity Prevention in Children Five Practical Tips to Reduce Obesity in Children: 1. Avoid sugar containing drinks. 2. Reduce screen-time (TV, Games) to less than 2 hours per day. 3. Do not eat or drink while watching television 4. Make vegetable half of the quantity consumed at each meal. 5. Play outside with friends. […]

Narcotics and chronic pain

By Manuel Allergy Center | September 10, 2017

Chronic pain and narcotics have been a topic of serious discussion in recent months. People seek pain medications for many chronic pain conditions such as low back pain and arthritis. Physicians often find it very difficult to convince these patients to stay away from narcotics. There is clear evidence that narcotic pain medications do more […]

Asthma and Peak-flow Meter

By Manuel Allergy Center | September 8, 2017

Peak Flow Meter is an old tool handy for optimal management of Asthma. Still, it not utilized as much as it should be. It is one of the tools used for evaluation of the state of airway function. Peak flow meter gives a quick reading of the airflow and hence airway functions. At Manuel Allergy […]

HPV Vaccine and Cancer Prevention

By Manuel Allergy Center | July 18, 2017

HPV vaccine helps to prevent cervical cancer! HPV vaccine offers protection from many cancers. As a pediatrician and immunologist, it is frustrating to watch parents deny the teenagers the chance to be protected from HPV-related cancers. What types of cancers are prevented by HPV vaccine? HPV-related cancers include cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, cancer of penis, anus […]

Zika Virus

By Manuel Allergy Center | July 18, 2017

Beyond Allergy – Zika Virus – a prevailing threat Powlin Manuel MD, MBA, MS. Zika virus threat seems to be closer to home than we anticipated with new cases being reported in Florida. Threat of difficulty to control mosquitoes that carry the virus is even more with the enormous flooding in recent days in Louisiana. […]