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Herpes Zoster (shingles) Prevention



Herpes Zoster (shingles)
Herpes zoster is a common condition which can cause painful rash and can make life miserable.
However, we can prevent this by a vaccine recently recommended recombinant vaccine for adults.
The following is a recent recommendation for adults to prevent shingles:
Anyone over the age of 50 who have not previously received live zoster vaccine and as well as those who have received live virus vaccine.
The vaccine is also recommended for all adults with diabetes, chronic heart, lung, or kidney disease.
Two doses of the recombinant vaccines 2 – 6 months apart is recommended.
Manuel Medical Clinic strongly recommends the new vaccine to prevent herpes zoster.






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HPV Vaccine and Cancer Prevention

Prevent cancer with HPV Vaccine

HPV vaccine helps to prevent cervical cancer!

HPV vaccine offers protection from many cancers. As a pediatrician and immunologist, it is frustrating to watch parents deny the teenagers the chance to be protected from HPV-related cancers.

What types of cancers are prevented by HPV vaccine?
HPV-related cancers include cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, cancer of penis, anus and rectum.
HPV-related cancers are the only malignancies which we can prevent by vaccination. Despite the availability of a very effective vaccine, Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that the number of these preventable cancers is increasing. Let us do something about it. All of us need to get involved in educating the public to give their kids the essential HPV vaccine.

The following are the reasons why many of our parents do not want HPV:

  • Worry about the side effects of HPV vaccine; we have not experienced any side effects after administration of numerous doses in our practice. It is like any other vaccine, pain on the area of the shot is the most common complaint.
  • The belief that their children are not sexually active and so do not need the protection; this is a false belief, many children are sexually active.
  • False belief that giving HPV vaccine is equal to giving permission to engage in sexual activity; there is no proof that giving HPV vaccine encourages sexual activity.
  • The false belief that HPV vaccine can be given at a later date; HPV vaccine does not protect anyone once exposure to the virus takes place.

Dr. Manuel believes in the effectiveness and usefulness of HPV vaccine.