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Health benefits of Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet: Ten Simple Facts for Better Health
Many diets are complicated and difficult to follow. Mediterranean diet is
easy to follow for improved health.
Here are the top ten facts to know about Mediterranean diet:
1. Mediterranean diet is associated with reduced death.
2. Mediterranean diet reduces heart problems (stroke, heart attack, death from heart disease).
3. Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of cancer (colon, rectal, prostate, breast).
4. Mediterranean diet is associated with a reduction in Parkinson’s disease.
5. Mediterranean diet is associated with a decrease in Alzheimer’s disease.
6. The diet incorporates more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.
7. It includes olive oil.
8. It includes wine.
9. It includes some fish and chicken.
10. It reduces sugar, milk and milk products, and red meat.
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