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How to reduce asthma attacks?

How to reduce asthma attacks?

1.Avoid exposure to tobacco smoke.

  1. BreoAvoid exposure to chemical and perfume sprays.
  2. Avoid contact with pets you are allergic to.
  3. Do not use humidifiers – as they increase the chance of mold and mite growth.
  4. Install ventilators in the kitchen for exhaust.
  5. Minimize the use of rugs if you are allergic to dust.
  6. Take the influenza vaccine every year as any viral infection leads to increased airway sensitivity.
  7. Decrease exposure to dust mites using pillow and bed-covers that do not permit mites to cross.
  8. Decrease exposure to mites by the periodic washing of toys with hot water.
  9. Decrease humidity in rooms using a dehumidifier.
  10. Wash bed-sheets every week with warm water.
  11. Avoid Venetian blinds in rooms
  12. Reduce the number of cushions in rooms
  13. Avoid lampshades that can collect dust.
  14. Reduce the number of bookshelves.
  15. Avoid stuffed toys.
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